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  • "I met a generous man on this site who got the "Income Verification", from day one he was complete gentlemen. He offered valuable guidance to me, which give me lots of ideas in my later days. Otherwise, we are still friends."

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  • "I have never gave a dating app/ Sugar daddy app a 5 star rate due to the fact that to me--they're all scams and always crash; but SUDY is LEGIT. If you're really trying to find yourself a sugar daddy or just simply a fun time, give this app a try. You won't regret it."

  • "Best sugar daddy dating app ever period I got soo many sugar babies in the first hour of joining messaging me soo much that I just deleted tinder."

  • "This is the best sugar daddy dating app that I have ever used. Finally an app that works for me!!!!!It's the right place to meet sugar Daddy. Most of the men I chatted with were very honest about their backgrounds. If anyone wants to avoid much of time spent weeding through fake sugar daddy, try this!"

  • "Really well done app, very easy to use and does exactly what it says it's supposed to do. A lot of great people on here to meet and the app is nice and clean looking. Definitely recommend it."

  • "Sudy is actually a working site that allows you to meet what you want when you want. Being that they verify who you are. You actually get real people to talk to no scammers. So if you really looking for a dating sight, Sudy is for you."

  • "This is by far the best sugar daddy up that I have used. It's super easy to navigate throughout the app and to understand what you're doing. Everything is presented in a very professional manner and I really appreciate that. You can search people that are local or that are in different countries which is also super cool. I definitely recommend it to someone who is new to sugar daddies or someone who's been doing this a long time. It accommodates everyone!"

  • "This app is the best on the market. It's design is not even comparable to any other. It's so much easier to use and just looks better. There are a lot more guys on it, too, which is sooooo important! The features of this app are so easy to use, I've recommended it to all of my friends. It's the best way to present yourself in any way that you want to."

  • "Sudy is such an amazing app if you're looking for someone that's compatible. For those people that are looking to fulfill needs and meet great SD/SM or SBs this is a great one to consider. Sudy is definitely better than a lot of apps out there."

  • "I am really new to this app as well as the sugar daddy world. However, it's easy to navigate and the administration does a good job at making sure people are who they say they are through verifications while still giving perks as rewards for going through the checking process."

  • "The guys on here are professional and truly about what they say they are. You'll find so many amazing people on here who really care about your needs and what YOU want. It's easy to use and you can gain experience along with a true attachment with your daddy. Definitely one of the best and most professional apps/sites I've used. I can't wait to see what lays ahead!"

    Jamie Baby
  • "Seriously this App has as to be the best way to meet sugar daddies, and find exactly what your looking for. No point of sugar coating things when you about to be sugared !!!! Download the app, meet."

  • "This is such a great way for me to meet new daddies and actually get to meet up with them. Also become more personal and involved. Even the total opposite; there is everything a baby could ever need and more."

  • "Sudy is the best sugar daddy dating app I have used in a long time. You can filter people and be more specific of what you're looking for and there are tons of handsome sugar daddies there!!"

  • "Good app. Especially helpful for SBs looking for people in their local area for real life meet ups instead of online. Not many users on site but still a great app to have in your toolbox."

  • "The best app for sugar babies and sugar daddies! It’s reliable and easy to verify info!"

  • "Love the app! Easy and fun to use. I just made an account the other day and I already have a date. I did not get that experience with other sugar daddy apps. Great stuff!!"

  • "This app fills all of my sugar dating needs! Everything I need is here, and I've come across some great potential daddies through this app! My current daddies were both found here."

    Emma Rae of Sunshine
  • "Good way to meet sugar daddy's that just don't want a basic association and truly want to get to know you more the only reason I didn't give it 5 is because I don't have all the features at the moment."

  • "I've been using this app for a couple days and so far it's going pretty. A lot of hot sugar daddies in here! It doesn't take much to get verified on the literally just took a selfie with a piece of paper so it doesn't take much effort."

  • "Meeting beautiful and attractive single women is the main reason for me of using this app. Not only that, I was able to talk and flirt with them, send and receive unlimited messages to anyone you interested in! What an amazing dating app!"

    Mark T. Kozak
  • "Sudy is absolutely the best sugar daddy dating app I had ever used. As an online dating app, Sudy focus on millionaire and attactive and it really makes it. I was really doubted before downloading the app about the user’s quality and what the developer said about the app. But Sudy really did not let me down. It had several different methods to pick users and protect our privacy to keep us away from scammers. Which impressed me most is that once (and the only time) I encountered with a scammer, and I reported it to the team, and they kicked him off with in 5 minutes! I mean I’m really amazed by how they handled this issue with such a short time. And after that, I believed there is really someone working behind the screen to protect us and improve the community. Absolutely best services I ever had! You should try it by yourself. "

  • "This app is designed beautifully. The verification helps to know everyone you're talking to is the real deal. Has a great social media element to it where you can post moments and statues."

  • "Definitely different than the rest of the dating apps! Totally worth your time. Such an interesting place to meet people!"

    Kirby trace
  • "There are many dating apps out there but none for them sugar daddies! This is very unique app to have in app store. I'm not a sugar daddy myself, but going to recommend this to people I know who are one!"

  • "Great app! Found lots of perfect suiters, quick and painless. For sure recommend the app to first timers. Awesome features and the locator makes it really easy to find people closest to you."

  • "Love this Sugar Baby app more than others. Cuter, younger guys and easy to use."

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    Handsom Mike
  • "Sudy is by far the best Sugar Baby app around. I've only been on it for a few days and am amazed at the number of successful, attractive men in my area."

  • "Sudy has given me the opportunity to meet young, successful men who are nice and have their life together. The app is also very well organized! I recommend using this app! 10 out of 10!"

    Cheyann Michelle
  • "Never come across an app which combines all of the best of the 100's of other dating apps, till now. SUDY is not for everyone, but if it is for you, I suggest you download it!"

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  • "Aesthetics is a major factor to me and Sudy is such a nice looking app. It's also the most efficient and diverse Sugar Daddy app, better than any other website or app out there. The swiping feature makes it fun and fast to match with sugar daddies!"

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    Rider w
  • "With this app I can find a girl and had an interesting dating. I have found a girlfriend through this app. That's great. I hope this app will develop the more handy features. Thank for making it!"

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  • "I am new to this app but it already looks like it's going to be a lot of fun. Sudy seems to be very legitimate and I am excited to start on this new adventure. Thanks Sudy!"

  • "Awesome app to meet the sugar daddy of your dreams that's actually interesting n not boring n even sexy that you can kick it with or have fun."

  • "It's a really nice app I like it the sugar babies look like they have a lot of fun :) hopefully I will too. Sugar daddies are pretty cute too."

  • "Nothing like finding an easy app to find extremely good looking sugar daddies. Exploring the app there's multiple ways of finding them and viewing their profiles. I'm loving the app so far and can't wait to find the perfect arrangement."

  • "Love this app so far the guys on here on seriously so good looking definitely all have sugar daddy qualities."

    Beauty money
  • "This app is amazing! I met so many handsome and generous men on here. I've only had this app for about a month now and it has been hands down the best sugar daddy app ever! I will continue to use it and i have yet to find a better site."

  • "Love this app! I've been on other sugar daddy sites before but this one by far has the best selection. There's such a variety of different people. And being able to match up with the ones you're interested in makes the process a lot easier and more direct."

    Young and Mature
  • "I would definitely recommend this app for anyone curious about the sugar daddy/sugar baby experience. The best sugar daddy app on the App Store."

    Just keep swimming
  • "I'm really happy to be apart of the sudy community. Honestly it's the perfect way to meet a potential sugar daddy/mommy. If you're on the fence about it I would definitely encourage you to join."

  • "I am so excited to get invited to the full app so I can chat with an experienced sugar daddy. I am waiting to get verified or whatever. Can't wait to go on my first date using this app."

    Lil' big homie
  • "I love this app it's literally amazing, I recommend to any of my fellow sugar babies, it's so easy and really safe!! Better than any of the others!"

  • "I downloaded this app and man is it cool. Everyone gets verified so there are no fakes around. It has a messaging and you can post pictures as well. It kind of reminds me of an Instagram but for sugar babies and sugar daddies. It's a 10/10 I highly recommend!"

  • "I'm happy I found this app. I was looking on various websites and many apps, but everything seemed the same. So I wanted something new. Someone told me about the app and I must say I love it. I'm glad I have this app because I can explore the sugar world and find what I'm seeking for with no judgment."

  • "I was looking high and low for a sugar daddy website and finally stumbled across this one! I love it so far it makes what I’m looking for so much easier than any other website I've been on."

  • "I'm new to sudy but I can already tell how much I'm going to love it. I'm glad there's finally a place that accepts the sugar lifestyle. App is laid out nicely so it's very easy to use. I'll update once I'm actually accepted in:)"

  • "This app is wonderful and the best out there in my opinion. You don't have to worry about getting scammed from a sugar daddy/mommy. Everything's legit. You have to get voted in of course, but trust that won't take long. So sign up and get the looking for your new sugar mommy/daddy/baby."

  • "I've used this app for a few months now and I wish I would've found out a longtime ago! Signing up is easy and fast and I'm having so much fun talking to my sugar daddies."

  • "BEST APP EVER!!!! It's so easy to use and the sugar daddies on here are legit and hot too! Would give this app 10 stars if I could. I love it!"